Silent pallet truck...peaceful shopping

We are visiting the Danish supermarket, Kvickly, where a constant and soft hum of satisfied customers and employees can be heard! At the same time we find the supermarket remarkably quiet - no noise from pallet trucks, moving goods around in the shop, can be heard.

“We always focus on the comfort and well-being of our customers. We want to provide our customers with a quiet and peaceful shopping atmosphere; Movement of pallets and stock should not cause inconvenience. We understand very well, why Logitrans has named the pallet truck "Panther Silent"; As a matter of fact – it IS silent!

Panther Silent has also solved another noise problem. We receive many goods in crate boxes with wheels, and when empty, these make so much noise that people stop talking! Now we transport the empty crate boxes on the Panther Silent.

At the same time, the Panther Silent also gives us another benefit! The soft wheels are very gentle to our floors. Earlier the wax coating was destroyed, and the floors were exposed to dirt. Panther Silent also solves this problem.”

Peter Lauritzen, Store Manager