Optimum working conditions and high efficiency

The Carrefour Group uses the Logitrans Rotator for the handling of ice for the cooling of fish. The fresh fish are placed on crushed ice in the show racks and are in this way kept both cold and appetizing.

The ice is delivered daily in four trays with each 300kg, which before the Rotator has been scooped manually from the trays to the show racks – a hard, back-breaking and time-consuming work, which is now carried through by the Logitrans Rotator – a large revolution for the employees at Carrefour!

As added benefit the Logitrans Rotator has given Carrefour huge savings as regards time. The ice is handled quickly and efficiently – and this also increases the performance of the employees!

Important reasons for using the Logitrans Rotator:

  • Ergonomically correct working positions
  • Height adjustment, rotation and transportation in the same unit
  • Capacity 1000kg
  • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed
  • Remote control for rotation or for lifting/lowering function
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating time
  • Available in two models - with forks or multi-purpose carriage
  • Increased efficiency in the work and more satisfied employees
  • Less days lost through sickness
  • High efficiency when emptying boxes and crates
  • Optimum product safety
  • User-friendly handle